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A Foreigner’s Guide to Songkran

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Most people have probably heard of Songkran before and it is celebrated in Thailand every year from 13th till 15th April. The Thais celebrate many holidays a year but none are as significant as Songkran. It is the Thai new year celebration and many Thais make use of this extended holiday period to go back to their home towns to spend time with their families.

If it is your first time in Bangkok, you will realize that it is quieter than usual due

to the fact that many Thai’s have gone back to their families. Do not let this put

you off as the are still many PACKED parties to attend and many places where

you can still have fun.

The parties at RCA are known to get really rowdy and packed every year so it is a great place to check out if you’re looking for a wild and wet party. Tarawadee is also open during this period with special promotions so it is also a good time to visit and have some fun.

Get ready to get wet as you walk in the streets with many locals and foreigners alike sporting water guns of various shapes and sizes looking for opportunities to get everybody soaking wet. The water brings welcome relief from the infamous April heat in Thailand. Remember to pack your belongings in sealed waterproof bags so that they stay dry.

Have a great holiday this Songkran and remember to stay safe!

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