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Earth Day 2016

earth day 2016

Every year, on the 22nd of April, the world comes together and celebrates Earth Day. And no, it’s not related to Michael Jackson. Since 1970, people have been celebrating Earth Day to show their support for environmental protection and conservation.

This year’s Earth Day holds great significance as the Paris Agreement is expected to be signed between 120 nations as a pact to work together in preventing climate change. 2016 has also been forecasted to be the hottest year on record. Just last week we were able to see the impact of climate change in Thailand with the drought affecting our Songkran Celebrations. We all still had a great time but we could definitely see that celebrations were more subdued this year. It is one thing to read about it but it is another thing to experience it. So let’s all chip in and play our part in conserving the environment.

As temperatures continue to soar, remember to stay hydrated and safe. Taking baths have been shown to help cool down the body and where better to get a nice comfortable bath than with us at Tarawadee where we have over 200 jacuzzis and even more beautiful ladies waiting for you.

Happy Earth Day 2016!

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