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Guide to Soapy Massages

Thailand is famous for massages among both locals and foreigners. Take a stroll down almost any street in Bangkok and you will find yourself greeted by many massage shops.

However, not all massages are created equal with some catering to the family and some catering for men. In this post, we will talk about soapy massages - a popular pastime among men looking for good time and a ‘happy ending’.

There are many such establishments scattered around Thailand and a quick search on Google will show you where you can find such shops. Many of these establishments look like hotels from the outside and they house as many as 200 rooms inside to service the clients.

When you enter a good soapy massage shop, you will be greeted by a host who will ask you what your ‘type’ is. This means what kind of lady you like. They will then bring you to check out the ladies available for selection and let you know the pricing. Ladies are usually split into 2 main categories - fish tank girls and sideliners. The sideliners are often students or ladies with other jobs outside and doing this as an additional source of income. It is important to choose a place where you know there will be many ladies available on any given day so that you have many to choose from. Transparency of pricing is also important as there have been many stories of customers getting hustled by the hosts. One session is usually 90 minutes long.

After selecting your lady, you make your payment and then proceed to the room. This is where the fun begins. Some places may look alright on the outside but have rooms that are not well maintained. In each room there is usually a bathtub where you will get your soapy massage. There will also of course be a bed where you will receive your happy ending.

Upon entering the room, your lady will start filling the tub and you order some food and drinks should you choose to. Once the tub is filled, you will proceed for the soapy massage and she will ensure that every inch of you is well cleaned. What happens during and after this I'm sure you can imagine so I shall not go into too much detail.

Although it is not necessary to tip your lady, it is a nice gesture especially if you felt that the service was good. If you do visit her again, you can be sure that she'll remember you and take extra good care of you.

Tarawadee’s soapy massage service is among the best in Bangkok. With an average of a hundred ladies (two hundred in total) each day, there is plenty of choice. Our pricing guide is also readily available (in another blog post). All rooms are beautifully furnished and well maintained. Every room has its own jacuzzi too! There's a reason why Tarawadee has been a leader in this industry for years. Do come down and pay us a visit. You will not be disappointed.

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