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Give yourself a Treat this Labour Day

labour day girl

What a great year it is for public holidays. Seems like the 5 day long Songkran just ended and now we have another long weekend in Labour Day. Add to the upcoming Coronation Day holidays, it seems that we have more off days than work days. Nobody’s complaining though, we all love extra rest days because we know how hard we work right?

Labour day is an annual holiday where we celebrate the achievements of workers. We are all workers unless we are lucky enough to be retired so it is time for us to celebrate our achievements this past year.

As a guy, I cannot think of a much better way to celebrate than to head down to Tarawadee for a nice soapy massage with one, two, or more of our beautiful ladies. Give yourself a treat and pamper yourself because you deserve it!

Like they always say… Work Hard, Play Harder!

Have a happy labour day everyone! Make sure it’s HAPPY!

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