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Favourite Sex Positions - For Him & Her

So we got inquisitive and decided to conduct a little survey of some of our customers and friends to get their take on their favourite sex positions. Of course we could not leave out the girls from the fun and who better to ask than some of our Tara ladies. Here are our findings and we’re happy to share them with you!

Doggy Style

What it is: It is the position where the female is facing down while being supported by her hands and knees and being penetrated from the back.

Why he likes it: It is a position that feeds the primal instincts of men and gives them total control. It also feels great and the view is an added bonus.

Why she likes it: This position allows for greater penetration allowing more awesome orgasms. It also takes a certain level of trust to surrender all control to the man and letting him have his way.


What it is: It is the position where the man lies on his back while the woman rides him on top like a horse.

Why he likes it: The guys just want to feel lazy sometimes and lie back and enjoy the view. Letting the girl do the work means having his hands free to do some roaming around.

Why she likes it: In this position, the girl gets full control over the depth of penetration, intensity, and basically everything else. It lets the girl choose the way she likes it to get her off.


What it is: This is the position that we see most often in the movies and in TV shows. It is probably the first position that most people try. The woman lies on her back while the man lies on top of her.

Why he likes it: The missionary position lets the man be on top and have full control of the motion. It provides a nice balance of comfort and pleasure which in my opinion, is a win-win situation.

Why she likes it: Women just love intimacy and there probably isn’t another position that provides this level of intimacy. It is also the most comfortable and relaxing position for the woman as she lays on her back being serviced by her partner.

There you have it, the 3 favourite positions based on our findings. A few exotic positions did come up but these 3 were the most common by far. These positions may seem old school and boring but it still does the job and does it well. What’s your favourite position? What are you going to try next?

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