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Are You Big Enough?

One question that has undoubtedly crossed the mind of almost every male is whether the size of their penis is large enough and how it compares with others. It is an awkward question and getting the answer is probably going to be tough as even the most confident of men would not be whipping it out and going around doing comparisons. Therefore, many studies and surveys have been done over the years to help men answer this tricky question.

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One of the more recent studies by Dr. Ed gave some useful insights on this topic. It revealed that women in general perceived that the average and ideal penis size to be smaller than what was perceived by males.

What this chart shows is that though size does matter, men place more importance on it than our female counterparts do. This information should be a confidence booster for men. In fact, there has been a study done on females previously showing that many of them actually do not want a bigger penis.

How confident men are with the size of the ‘manhood’ is largely dependent on how important it is for females. The chart below shows how important size is to women.

From this, we can see only a small percentage (11.2%) of women place great importance on penis size. For the rest, I guess what’s important is how you use it rather than how big it is.

So we now know how important the size of our members are to the girls but it still does not answer the burning question of where we stand amongst our peers. Good news is that studies have also been done to answer this question.

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The chart shows the average erect penis size around the globe. If you are planning on measuring yourself, the way to do it is from the tip of the penis to the bottom of the pubic bone.

This should be a good guide as to whether you are big enough. Just remember, using it well is more important than size. Also, check out our other post on how to protect your erection.

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