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5 Exercises for Better Sex

Sex feels awesome and it is also a great workout at the same time. So you have a hot date coming up which you know could very likely end up with a happy ending and if you have been following the tips on how to protect your erection, you should not have any worries in that department. Now that you have no concerns about getting it up and keeping it there, the next thing that we want to focus on is making sure that we have the stamina to last through the whole session. Unless you are planning on making her do all the work, you should prepare yourself with these exercises that will not only help you look better, but also build up your stamina so that you can keep going on and on.

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1. Running, Cycling, Swimming or any other cardio workout

It is important to first build up your cardiovascular endurance with some cardio workouts. Sex takes a lot of energy and there is no point having having that awesome boner if your heart cannot last long enough to get both yourself and your partner to the finishing line. Imagine being too tired to finish off the act. Avoid this by doing some cardio. This will also bring about the benefit of being able to burn fats and giving you more energy throughout the day.

2. Planking

Planking is a great workout to strengthen your core. All the thrusting movements that occur during sex require use of your core muscles so having a strong core is a huge factor when it comes to having great sex. A strong core also helps prevent injuries not only during sex but also in your everyday life as your core provides support when doing heavy lifting.

3. Push Ups

The push up is a classic exercise that helps build up upper body strength as well as core strength. A strong upper body is especially important for the positions where you are on top and in control. Doing this exercise often will also help you develop a toned chest, shoulders and arms.

4. Squats

The squat is considered by many one of the best compound exercises available. It will help to develop your lower body muscles particularly those in your thighs which are used when thrusting. The squat also helps to promote blood flow to the pelvic region which will help with your erections as well as helping to achieve more intense orgasms.

5. Stretching

There are many forms of stretching available for the different muscle groups of your body and we suggest that you do them all! Stretching helps to prevent injuries and gets the blood flowing throughout your body. It also helps to build flexibility which is great if you are looking to try out more adventurous positions.

Use these 5 exercises to help you prepare for your big night and get ready to blow your partner’s mind with your stamina and endurance.

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