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5 Foods for Better Sex

It has been scientifically proven that certain foods do help increase your sex drive. Planning for an awesome night out with a happy ending? Try to eat some of these and see for yourself if they help in giving you the extra boost.


Besides looking like a certain female organ, oysters are also rich in zinc which have been linked to an increased sex drive.


If you can handle the spiciness, give chilies a try. Not only do they help to add flavour to your meals, they also increase blood circulation, speed up your heart rate and makes you sweat. Sounds familiar?


This phallus shaped fruit is rich in potassium and vitamins which provides a boost in energy. Also, bananas contain bromelain which has been shown to increase testosterone production.


This is great for those who love snacking on chocolates. Chocolates have been shown to increase levels of dopamine which induces the feelings of pleasure and well-being.


One little known fact about watermelons is that they help to relax your blood vessels and cause an increase in blood flow. This helps you become aroused more easily leading to a better sexual experience.

Give these foods a try and let us know if they really do work for you!

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